Main Outcomes of ECO COM'BAT


One main outcome of the project ECO COM'BAT is a scaled-up manufacture of an ORMOCER® coated NMC 622 and the lithium salt LiFSI. Batch sizes of approx. 10 – 20 kg could be achieved for both materials. The materials were evaluated in pre-industrial pilot cells, which contained an optimized mixture of the structured carbon additives Porocarb® and Graphistrength® for an improved energy and power density.

Extended Life Cycle

The resulting pouch cells from the industrial partner Customcells showed significant improvements compared to cells with industrial reference samples. Both scaled-up materials, the ORMOCER® coated NMC 622 and the lithium salt LiFSI, enabled an extension of the life cycle up to 50 %. Best results were achieved for the combination of all ECO COM'BAT materials. Commercial reference materials had been an NMC 622 from an external supplier and the standard LiPF6 electrolyte.

Circular Economy and Commercialization

For the optimization of the ECO COM'BAT materials and cells, a comprehensive simulation of the battery aging was performed. Moreover, an efficient recycling concept was developed and tested to achieve a high degree of sustainability. In order to promote the commercial exploitation of the project results, the partners prepared a detailed business plan. This plan included ramp-up concepts and go-to-market strategies for the ECO COM'BAT products.

The ECO COM'BAT materials have both individual and joint market opportunities:

  • LiFSI lithium salt
  • LiFSI based HV electrolyte
  • ORMOCER® coated NMC 622
  • Graphistrength®-Porocarb® dispersion
  • ECO COM'BAT electrode and Li-ion battery cell